Our Approach – A Trusted PartnerĀ 

For more than a decade, Thoron Capital has worked hard to earn its reputation as a development company that is truly committed to partnerships that lead to remarkable projects.

Thoron’s track record of successful public, private, partnerships has aligned the company with world-class leaders, from local and state governments, federal government agencies, global retailers, and major nonprofits alike – all in the interest of collaborating to deliver quality development that brings value.

Today, Thoron boasts a network of partners that includes institutions such universities and major cities including the District of Columbia, New Orleans, Jacksonville and Louisiana.


We aim to consistently exceed our investors’ expectations while improving communities through strategic real estate development and investment. We owe our success to our capacity to structure deals that excel under varied market conditions.


Thoron Capital develops mixed-use, commercial and multifamily projects. We have particular expertise in transit-oriented development. We target U.S. geographic markets where our expertise adds value.

We identify real estate assets that we can make into competitive, profitable, stabilized investments. Notwithstanding national or regional economic conditions, attractive opportunities exist in geographic and financial markets with supply or demand constraints, as well as in other circumstances unique to a particular investment.

Investment Criteria

We identify real estate assets that are at a transition point due to factors such as local market conditions, financing situations, or untapped potential within the asset. We then structure transactions that ensure that these assets can facilitate above-market returns. Frequently, these assets are located in communities that are equally challenged. We act as change agents for these assets and for the communities surrounding them.